Application to test oil sample

We work with independent experts from the Institute of Petroleum Products Research, who can test your sample in the laboratory using the latest equipment to give you a detailed assessment of your oil in all characteristics.

You can fill in the following PDF file to submit your sample test application.

Application to test oil sample

After filling this file in, please send it to our email
You will need to put this as the subject of your email: Request to test oil sample [Surname] [Company].

Our manager will get in touch with you afterwards and give you further instructions.

Test deadline – two working days after the sample is physically received at our address: V.I. Rukavtsova Street, 17, Podgornoye, Lipetsk Oblast, 398532 (12-minute walk from the Riviera shopping mall, Lipetsk city).

Cost of test: RUB2,500

If you want to accelerate the procedure or ask any additional questions, please contact us on this number +7 (909) 219-92-33.